Watching Tropcial Storm Maria (Advisory #20)

Tropical Storm Maria, located about 925miles to the south of Bermuda, is being observed at having 60mph winds in a cluster of thunderstorms to its northeast, and possible tropical storm force winds in a band wrapping around to its southeast. The northern Leeward islands are very close the the highly sheared storm, and tropical storm force gusts are likely, as well as periodic heavy rains, but damage should be limited.

However, as Maria continues west and Northwest, windshear should decrease allowing the storm to strengthen to a minimal (category 1) hurricane as it makes its closest approach to Bermuda. Depending on how close and how strong Maria gets, the impacts will vary greatly. So we need to continue to monitor the storm carefully into early next week when we should get a better idea of what to expect.

The current forecast has the storm passing about 190miles to the west on Wednesday night. A tropical storm watch, issued 48hours in advance of the onset of tropical storm conditions, may be needed sometime on Monday as possible outer bands of Maria may move across the island. With these outer bands, the threat of heavy rain, tornadoes, and gusty winds will exist.


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