Watching Hurricane Ophelia (Advisory #37)

Hurricane Ophelia's eye appears 140miles to the ESE of Bermuda. A well formed eyewall, weaker on the southern side, containing 120mph winds will miss the island.

Ophelia remains a major hurricane with 120mph winds and a pressure near 952mb. Ophelia is a small storm and is was estimated to be 140miles to the east-southeast of Bermuda at 6pm local time. Bermuda may yet see tropical storm force winds from the hurricane as a band of squally showers is trying to rotate nearer to the island from the north side of the storm. Already some showers ang gusty winds have occurred but we have, once again, dodged the bullet with this storm.

A closest approach of Ophelia will be later this evening or tonight. Showers and thunderstorms from a cold front/trough will continue after the storm passes, and may linger into Monday. This system may also contain squally conditions.


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