Hurricane Ophelia Moves on to Newfoundland, Showers Associated with a Cold Front, and Watching Philippe

Hurricane Ophelia became the strongest storm of the season as she passed Bermuda last night. Image from NRL's ATCF

Hurricane Ophelia may reach Newfoundland at hurricane strength and bring extreme winds to that island’s Avalon peninsula. It brought winds of 27mph and a gust to 35mph to Bermuda and just over 1/3″ of rain.

A cold front is approaching Bermuda and a deep layer of tropical moisture is in place out ahead of it bringing dewpoints in the mid and upper 70s to Bermuda. This could mean that, if there is enough forcing, heavy rain and thunderstorms could develop. However, this forcing may not be in place to produce this and, for now, scattered showers are in the area and will move away to the east by Monday night with the cold front. Also a reduction in humidity should be observed with the frontal passage.

Tropical Storm Philippe, now weaker than its peak of 70mph last night, is expected to sharply recurve back out to sea and miss Bermuda. However, it could produce a strong pressure gradient with a building high behind today’s cold front, bringing near gale force winds to Bermuda from the East and Northeast.  Keep in mind that this is a forecast after 4 days and is subject to large errors. An eye will be kept on Philippe for any changes in track.


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