Bermuda to experience its first Fall storm of the season tomorrow

A modest cold front is set to push through as a low pressure quickly develops and deepens to our west tonight and tomorrow morning. It will likely bring some rain and showers, possibly thunderstorms, and a definite change in weather. Winds may gust near gale force at times as the front approaches and passes.
As the front approaches, winds should be from a southwesterly direction, and shift to a northwesterly one after its passage. Thunderstorms may produce gustier winds as there is some dry air in the system. This dry air can be sucked into thunderstorms and cause their updrafts to collapse. The rush of downward air in collapsing thunderstorms can cause gusty winds.
It is expected to be noticeably cooler, and less humid after the front passes sometimes tomorrow. Temperatures will likely be in the low to mid-70s for high temperatures on Wednesday, and should slowly start to recover.

Meanwhile, Bermuda is still in a very dangerous drought. By this time in an average year, we would have almost 4 feet of rainfall, at about 13.5″ below average, we don’t even have 3 feet yet according to official observations from the Bermuda Weather Service.
It has, however, been more moist as of late, but it is uncertain whether this trend will continue to end the year, and it certainly hasn’t ended the long term drought as water tables are frighteningly low considering its value to Bermudians.


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