Complex Storm to Brings Gales to Bermuda

A complex system of low pressure has moved off of the United States east coast and a tight pressure gradient with a building high pressure to the north is producing gale force winds with gusts over 50mph in Bermuda tonight. This wind is expected to peak tonight and generally lessen through the next 3 days as the center of the low weakens and moves westward – both slowly.

Some thunder may be possible as the atmosphere is very unstable with strong windshear and a moisture feed from the tropics. This allows convective towers to build high enough that ice crystals can form. Turbulence within clouds containing ice crystals charges the clouds allowing for a discharge in the form of lightning, and the associated thunder.

So, until the storm completely moves away, strong winds and a chance for rain will stay in the forecast. This could be until Wednesday – this type of storm system is generally unpredictable and the storm may actually strengthen as it moves west, meaning higher winds. But, for now, the forecast calls for weaker winds.


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