November 2011 Summary

ImageNovember 2011 started with a series of troughs that made the weather very changeable with building high pressures behind them leaving tight pressure gradients and strong winds. The final repetition of this pattern resulted int he formation of Subtropical (Tropical) Storm Sean. This storm brought the lowest pressures and the highest winds of the month to Bermuda. I recorded 997.5mb as a minimum pressure and a maximum gust of 39mph – the Bermuda weather service observed 60kt(69mph) gusts at commisioner’s point in Dockyard, and 49kt (56mph) gusts at the airport along with a minimum pressure of around 998mb in association with Sean.

Following the storm, the temperatures gradually cooled throughout the rest of the month with little rainfall save for the last day of the month where over an inch of rain fell in a batch of moisture drawn northwards from the deep tropics that was tapped by an approaching frontal system.

The first half of November had atypically low pressures, due to the series of troughs, while the seconds half of the month had generally high pressures. The high pressure that did exist was largely contaminated with varying thicknesses of stratus clouds occaisonally producing spits of rain. In fact, sunshine duration during the month was significantly low compared to recent comparable Novembers, but the temperatures were near or above average.

Due to dominating high pressures, and the relative stability that came with them, only 2.6 inches of rain were recorded at my station compared to 3.36 inches at the airport and an average of just over 4inches of rain. This has left Bermuda in a set up to be in the top ten driest years on record.


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