A Violent Storm Buffets Bermuda on Boxing Day

A second rapidly deepening system moved off of the US east coast and pushed a strong cold front through the area on December 26th. The storm system brought strong southerly winds out ahead of it, and pushed a squall line through in association with the cold front.
This radar image shows the squall line passing in Bermuda. It brought little fanfare, but it was noted that it was the cold front as winds shifted to the northwest and temperatures dropped off. Behind the front, despite never getting into the post frontal convective showers, Bermuda Weather Service recorded sustained winds of 38mph with a gust to 54mph. In addition, the front brought much needed rains of between 0.12 and 0.50″ to Bermuda.

The storm system became very complex as it pulled away with, at times, three different vortices swirling around a common center. Some of these vortices took on eye like features and ASCAT satellite estimated winds over 60kts near these vortices.

A second storm system took a different path two days later. It moved up the US east coast and into Atlantic Canada as it pulled a cold front through Bermuda. A wave of low pressure formed along the cold front, but it was quickly sucked into the main storm over the Canadian Maritimes.

The cold front only brought a a band of moderate to heavy showers with little to no fan fare; although ahead of the storm, notably strong southerly gales did develop with the Bermuda Weather Service reporting gusts to 44mph from the South-Southwest. Behind this second front there was very little temperature change although the humidity did drop significantly.
Forecasts show that the next potential storm could come for the 30th and 31st.


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