Tropical Cyclone Heidi’s Affair with West Australia’s Port Headland area


Tropical Cyclone Heidi made landfall just to the east of Port Headland on the Pilbara coast of West Australia in the morning hours of January 12th 2012. The storm packed maximum sustained winds of 70mph and gusts potentially nearing 100mph.

Although, Port Headland and South Headland were on the weaker side of the storm, that didn’t stop gusts over hurricane force from lashing the region. A gust to 81mph was reported at Port Headland. These winds uprooted and damaged trees and destroyed sheds. Meanwhile, the heavy rains associated with the storm’s slow passage left a narrow corridor of flooding. Rains of around 200mm were reported in the cyclone stricken region.


The Southern hemisphere continues to be active as Sub-Tropical Storm Dando moves quickly westward towards South Africa, Mozambique and Swaziland. The storm packs maximum sustained winds of between 40 and 50mph according to a recent ACSAT pass. Heavy rains will likely cause flooding in the relatively mountainous region, particularly to the south of the storm’s track.


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