Yet Another Storm System Spares Bermuda

A warm front lifted northwards on the 19th of February. It brought patchy light rain and increasing southerly and southwesterly winds behind it. Skies cleared and winds continued to increase as the cold front approached from the west on Monday.

By noon on Monday, the cold front was on top of Bermuda with severe thunderstorms skirting the island to both the north and south – sparing the island the brunt of the severe storms. By late evening, winds had increased to gale force with some gusts to storm force as a trough swung through the area behind the cold front. There was, interestingly, only a few very light accumulations of precipitation associated with the cold front and the post-frontal trough despite copious amounts of moisture present and available for use.

(Bermuda Weather Service Radar Image February 20th 2012, 11:03am)

Bermuda Weather Service radar shows a supercell thunderstorm only 20 miles to the north of Bermuda, and a weaker discrete thunderstorm less than 10 miles to the south. Bermuda only got patchy light rain as a result.

Here are some observations for Precipitation and wind gusts from this storm (Feb 19th-20th):

Station Max Wind Gust Precipitation
Bermuda Weather Service 63mph 0.13″
Magnolia Hall, Smith’s 62mph 0.02″
Gilbert Hill, Smith’s 54mph 0.10″
Knapton Hill, Smith’s 49mph 0.11″
George’s Bay, Sandy’s 48mph 0.14″
Chaingate Hill (Me), Devonshire 43mph 0.08″
Devonshire, Devonshire 41mph 0.20″
Moore’s Lane, Pembroke 39mph 0.12″

All observations other than the one marked (me) are from the website, or the Bermuda Weather Service.

Hopefully the next storm will bring some much needed rains without the threat for severe weather or dangerous synoptic post-frontal winds. Dodging the severe weather has also meant that we’ve dodged the rain continuing the dry pattern – Bermuda is already 3.58″ below average for the year, on top of ending last year over 16″ below normal.


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