February 2012 PWS Report

February began fairly benign with a weak cold front passing early in the month. It brought a very dry and cool air-mass to the area with high temperatures only reaching 62F on the 4th. Showers marked the front lifting back northwards, but they only amounted to a trace of rain here. Temperatures then reached 72F on the 7th and stayed fairly mild despite unsettled weather and some rain that amounted to 0.38″ one day.

The next storm system approached on the 11th, pressure fell dramatically in association with this one. By the afternoon on the 11th, severe thunderstorms were passing to the north and south of the island sparing any damage, but also keeping us from drought relief. Overnight into the 12th, pressure bottomed out at 1000mb, winds shifted to the northwest and I recorded a gust of 47mph, storm force gusts were recorded in exposed locations elsewhere. Showers began to flow into the area. Some heavy post frontal showers allowed a very significant low of 49.5F to be recorded in rain-cooled air on the 13th.

February 19th Radar of some pathcy light rain over Bermuda. (Bermuda Weather Service Radar Image February 19th 2012, 2:33pm)

The weather settled a lot for the 14th, Valentine’s day, but temperatures were slightly below average. A weak, but moisture laden storm brought 0.78″ of rain over the 16th and 17th with rainfall rates approaching 7″/hr at times, but little wind or temperature change. A warm up began ahead of the next major storm of the month with temperatures again reaching 72F by the 20th.

The next storm saw very severe thunderstorms miss the island again to the north and south with even some super cell thunderstorms. Pressure bottomed out once again at 1001mb, but very little rain was recorded. Northwest winds once again reached storm force in exposed areas but I only recorded gusts to 43mph.

A thing band of moderate showers ushers in the last cold airmass of the month (Bermuda Weather Service Radar Image February 25th 2012, 9:23pm)

A very significant warm up followed and by the 24th and 25th Bermuda was flirting with record high temperatures as I recorded 75F and 74.5F respectively.  That was, however, brought to an end by a cold front on the 25th and highs only reached 65F on the 27th. This air-mass was brought in on the last gales of the month (39mph on the 26th).

February ended on yet another warming trend (72F on the 29th). Precipitation was onc again well below average with me only recording 1.66″ of rain (2.13″ at the BWS). Temperatures remained fairly average despite the changeable nature of February’s weather – for most of the month, the pattern was a very progressive one with fast moving storms followed by cold air, then a warming trend.


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