April 2012 PWS Report

April 2012 shattered the long standing pattern of dominating high pressure that was established over the Western Atlantic for much of March. April opened with a blockbuster storm bringing storm force winds, hail, and record low temperatures. The storm brought me a peak wind gust of 46mph and a minimum pressure of 995mb. Winds averaged in at 5.8mph for the month – this is higher than the same figure for January, February, and March; this is significant because these are typically the months that the islands are plagued by gales with April marking their decline.

However, despite the increase in storminess during the month of April, Bermuda remained in drought conditions as I recorded only  0.90″ of rain for the entire month. Many days yielded precipitation, but it was generally light with small accumulations. The Bermuda Weather Service recorded 1.87″ of rain for April; 1.19″ of this fell during isolated thunderstorms over the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Temperatures throughout the month were near average, maybe slightly below, especially near the beginning of the month with the Bermuda Weather Service recording a record low of 50.4F on the 3rd, and my observation of a minimum of 52.7F. The second half of the month was much warmer with highs reaching into the mid and upper 70s for almost a week before the month ended on a cool note.

An extra-tropical cyclone stalled to our distant east attempted to transition to a sub-tropical cyclone as it drifted westward, towards the island. However, it was unsuccessful and dissipated before being absorbed by an approaching cold front off the Canadian Maritimes. This served as a reminder that the 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season is fast approaching!


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