Alberto becomes ‘Post-Tropical’

NOAA GOES EAST Satellite Image – Tropical Floaters centered on Post-Tropical Cyclone Alberto (May 22 2012, 21:45 UTC)

The National Hurricane Center(NHC) last night declared that Tropical Storm Alberto had lost enough organization and its convection had weakened sufficiently to the point where it would no longer be producing tropical storm force winds. They therefore downgraded the system to Tropical Depression status.  The depression continued its east to northeastward motion overnight and, in the 11am EDT advisory, the NHC declared that Alberto lacked sufficient organization to be considered a tropical cyclone and discontinued writing advisories on it.

Alberto was a small, weak, interesting storm that had minimal impacts to land. Post-tropical cyclone Alberto’s energy is expected to merge with  a trough of low pressure extending northeast of Bermuda from the Caribbean. However, since the storm was small this won’t make too much of a difference – maybe some enhanced convection at times over the open Atlantic.


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