“Bermuda-Azores-High” Watch

The jagged green line represents the ridge axis of the Bermuda-Azores High. This is an example of the ridge extending into the Southwestern Atlantic and the Bermuda area. Google Earth map.

The transient Bermuda-Azores ridge of high pressure has extended towards Bermuda and the Southwestern Atlantic, something that it tends to do from late June-early October. It is forecast to remain in charge in this area for the next seven days. High pressure is typically the bearer of  fair and warm weather – meteorologically, it is an area of sinking, compressing air that spreads out (divergent) at the surface near the center of the high pressure. This works against the formation of clouds and more so, the development of precipitation. Additionally, the compression in addition to the relatively clear skies tends to warm the surface.

However, being that the Bermuda-Azores ridge of high pressure is over the Atlantic Ocean, it has access to huge amounts of moisture. This means that convergent and convective processes associated with the southwestern side of high pressure can sometimes allow for the development of isolated showers.

This ridge of high pressure is effectively blocking the advancement of a frontal system to our north and it has now become a stationary front. Earlier in the week, it threatened to dip far enough south to bring some rain to Bermuda – with a few light showers leaving only a trace of rain mid-week.

For the next seven days, generally nice weather should be expected thanks to the Bermuda-Azores high with a light-moderate southwesterly breeze. A couple showers may develop, but they should be isolated in nature. Temperatures are expected to be near average, between 82F(27.8C) and 85F(29.4C), however high levels of humidity with dew points in the mid 70s will allow it to feel like 90F-95F at the hottest part of the day. Keep in mind temperature is measured in a shady, grassy, ventilated spot – so a sunny parking lot could feel more than 20 degrees warmer!


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