The heat is on!

Bermuda Weather Service Automated Weather Observing Stations (AWOS) around Bermuda show very warm and humid conditions today, similar conditions are in the forecast. Times shown are UTC.

Today was one of the warmest days of the year.   The peak heat index ranged from 95-105F today around Bermuda, extreme caution is advised for any outdoor activities. Similar warmth/heat is expected to be the theme for the rest of the week, compliments of westerly and southwesterly flow around the Bermuda-Azores high and associated tropical moisture. Some much needed rainfall may try to make its way into the picture for the weekend, but it will likely be showery and hit-or-miss in nature. Signs of short term drought are reappearing after above average precipitation in May and June, and Bermuda remains in a long-term drought at just under 10″ below average for the year, on top of ending last year over 16″ below average.

Peak Heat Index
Peak Humidex
*St. David’s AWOS
*Fort Prospect AWOS
*Commissioner’s Point AWOS
Bermuda Weather Service

* These values are estimated from the graphs and are subject to small error.

The heat index and humidex are calculated from the temperature and corresponding humidity to get an idea of what temperature the air feels like due to the humidity reducing your sweat’s evaporation and ability to cool.  The heat index is an American calculation while the humidex is the Canadian calculation.

It is worth mentioning that AWOS and my PWS do not take readings at standard observation positioning, and so they could be a measure higher or lower than what would officially be recorded at those locations.


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