Tropical Storm Bolaven and Hurricane Isaac


Typhoon Bolaven weakened to a Tropical Storm before making a landfall in North Korea on the 27th of August. Winds in the storm were near 65mph and its massive size led to an extensive area of extremely heavy rains. The Korean peninsula had been in a drought earlier in the summer, but a series of tropical cyclones and slow moving frontal systems had turned the precipitation trend around and they experienced deadly flooding. This situation will likely be exacerbated by Tropical Storm Bolaven. Wind gusts to 77mph were observed in South Korea while sustained winds reached 60mph in North Korea with higher gusts.

Meanwhile, tropical storm Isaac has strengthened into a Hurricane today and continues towards southeastern Louisiana now with 80mph winds. Its central pressure, interestingly, is a very low 975mb – a pressure that is usually associated with a category 2 hurricane. Its slow forward pace is allowing storm surge to pile up along the coast, and is already being reported as high as 6 feet. Additionally, it is forecast to allow tons of heavy rains to accumulate over 12″ along Isaac’s path causing additional flooding.

Tropical storm conditions with gusts nearing hurricane force are already occurring in coastal areas in Southeastern Louisiana and Mississippi. Gusts to tropical storm force extend to the east as far as Alabama and Florida. A distinct risk for tornadoes exists this afternoon in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida where a tornado watch is in effect.


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