Super-Typhoon Jelawat (Lawin) Update

Super-Typhoon Jelawat continues to impress with 160mph winds and 905mb pressures as it intensifies after a seamless eyewall replacement cycle.

As of 21UTC both the JMA and JTWC agree that Jelawat is an extremely powerful “violent” typhoon. The JTWC is giving it 160mph 1-minute sustained winds, while the JMAis giving it 125mph 10-minute sustained winds with a minimum central pressure of 905mb. This makes it an incredible Category 5 equivalent super-typhoon. Some additional strengthening is possible before cooler waters and wind shear weaken the cyclone. The JTWC has it peaking at 165mph 1-minute sustained winds, the JMA has peak at 130mph 10-minute sustained winds with 895mb central pressure. This would make Jelawat the strongest storm in the world so far this year.

Very few storm’s world wide, let alone in the West Pacific which is notorious for intense storms, reach pressures less than 900mb. The last to do so was Super-Typhoon Megi 2010 with 185mph 1-minute (145mph 10-minute) sustained winds and 885mb central pressure. Megi struck the Philippines as a weakening storm. The lowest pressure recorded on Earth was 870mb in Super-Typhoon Tip in 1979. Only five storms in the Atlantic have had pressures below 900mb; Wilma (October 2005 -882mb), Rita (September 2005-895mb), Gilbert (September 1988-888mb), and Allen (August 1980-899mb), and the Labor Day hurricane (1935-892mb).


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