Stormy Weather in Bermuda

A developing low pressure system to the southeast of Bermuda is expected to travel around the Bermuda-Azores ridge of high pressure and pass near Bermuda on Tuesday. This system will likely bring strong and gusty winds to the island (prompting a Small Craft Warning) along with showers and thunderstorms that could be heavy at times, especially Tuesday afternoon/night.  Expect winds to shift from the east to a more southerly direction as the low tracks northwestward near the island.

This low pressure system has a very brief window open for sub-tropical development, although it will likely stay extra-tropical. In fact, the chance of this happening are so low the National Hurricane Center has yet to mention it.

After the low passes, off to the north and northeast, it should merge with a weakening front that is currently over the eastern United States and leave a weak stationary front lingering near the island; keeping a chance for showers in the forecast for most of the period, and not changing temperatures or humidities too much. If the front crosses the island expect less humid weather, otherwise, it should remain on the humid side.


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