Storm Organizing to the North of Bermuda

Complex, disorganized low pressure has begun to organize to the north of Bermuda. It is expected to stick around for up to five more days and bring unsettled weather to the island.

A weak, broad, area of low pressure that was to the west of Bermuda over the weekend, moved northeastwards and is now north of Bermuda. The low pressure system appears to be organizing and consolidating into a single low. As it does so, troughs will wrap around the low into Bermuda bringing showers, thunderstorms and gusty winds.

This low is expected to stick around for the next four days bringing unsettled/inclement weather to Bermuda through the forecast period. For a period from Wednesday afternoon to Friday afternoon, the low may bring gales to Bermuda. This will depend on how the low organizes; it could become a more concentrated warm-seclusion storm, or a large gyre-like storm. Either system-structure will likely bring a variable, mixed bag of showers, thunderstorms, and a chance for gales to Bermuda from now into the weekend.

Latest OSCAT pass near Bermuda shows low to the north of the island with gales on its north and west sides. This may wrap around to the south of the center as the low organizes over the next day or so.

Currently a Small Craft Warning and Thunderstorm Advisory (see current warnings) are in effect for Bermuda and the surrounding Marine Area, a Gale Warning may be needed later in the week as it becomes more clear how the storm will develop. Storm total rainfall amounts should be around an inch  of much needed rain; Bermuda is almost  7.5″ below average for the year to date.


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