Storm falls apart

Bermuda Weather Service Analysis of the Atlantic at 12z 21 November 2012.

Yesterday, it appeared that a storm to the north of Bermuda was organizing (the 999mb low on the map), but the baroclinic forcing weakened and the storm has since begun to fall apart. This means only a few generally light showers are now expected to occasionally move into the area for today as a weak front moves through. Otherwise, a break from the unsettled weather will be felt for most of today.

The low never got organized enough to form one dominant circulation and generally consisted of multiple weak circulations along a weak stationary front. To the southwest of Bermuda, one of these cirulations is organizing and could become a more dominant low center. However, it doesn’t appear that it will be able to organize enough to consolidate a single low center. This means that a large gyre-like circulation is more likely to develop. It should move slowly northeastwards to the north of Bermuda and then northwards to maritime Canada.

After nicer weather today, more cloudiness with showers and thunderstorms and gusty winds will move in for Thursday into the weekend. Gales are no longer as much of a threat. Behind the system, into early next week much cooler, less humid, and settled air should filter in from the north and northwest on northerly winds courtesy of high pressure moving in from the west. Stay tuned to the latest warnings.


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