Cold snap reaches Bermuda

A cold front passed late on the 24th and brought a tongue of cold air across the western Atlantic to keep Bermuda in the 50s for the entire day on the 25th. In fact, a daily record low was reached as the temperature dropped to 50.9F, breaking the old record of 54F set in 1995. The high temperature for the 25th at the Bermuda Weather Service was 57.6F, almost 12F below normal for a high temperature.

The system was followed by a very brief period of unremarkable post frontal gales and cold-air instability showers. They quickly moved out of the picture as transient high pressure built in from the west. Winds had calmed down only a few hours after sunset and allowed valley and sheltered areas to drop into the 40s. In fact, my PWS recorded a low of 45.9F at around 10pm on the 25th and this carried over for a low of 46.8F after midnight on the 26th. Below is a list of all the temperatures in the 40s that I’ve recorded at my PWS since I began keeping records in November 2010.

Low Date
45.3F January 17th 2012
45.9F January 25th 2013
46.1F February 25th 2011
46.2F February 18th 2011
46.8F January 26th 2013
47.0F February 17th 2011
49.4F February 14th 2011
49.5F February 13th 2012
49.8F December 20th 2010

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