Severe April Extra-tropical Storm

westatlantic-radar-2013-04-06-1723 A cold front’s approach was slowed on Saturday, April 6th as a wave of low pressure began to form along it. a section of the front kinked leaving an east-west oriented segment to the north of Bermuda, and a north-south oriented segment to the west (As seen on Bermuda Weather Service Radar Imagery to the left). Both segments approached the island acting as a cold front. The east-west oriented segment lingered to the near north of the island for hours keeping southerly winds, temperatures in the low 70s, overcast skies, and some mist and drizzle. That same segment dipped southwards and crossed Bermuda. Winds shifted to the east/east-northeast and temperatures fell into the mid-60s.

westatlantic-radar-2013-04-07-0453Behind that section of the front, light rain continued until after mid-night when the north-south oriented segment of the cold front passed to the near south of the island. However, instead of shifting winds to the west-northwest as cold fronts with that orientation do, winds shifted to the south – a clear indication of the flow around the deepening low pressure approaching from the west-southwest. The center of this low passed very near or over the island and light winds shifted from a southerly to a northerly direction. As light rain associated with the occluded front moved in (pictured to the right as seen on Bermuda Weather Service Radar Imagery at 4:53am April 7th 2013), the winds quickly ramped up to gale force with storm to hurricane force wind gusts. This resulted in some tree damage and led to power outages.

Winds quickly fell below gale force as the low passed to the northeast and weakened on the 7th. A map with peak gusts from around the island according to ASOS from the Bermuda Weather Service:

Wind Gust Map April 7th 2013



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