An interesting trough in the Western Atlantic

MAY 11 2013 1615UTC Caribbean ViewA disorganized area of troughiness has brought inclement and unsettled weather to Bermuda for the past few days. Today, however, it appears to have split from the dying low pressure system that dragged it into the western Atlantic, leaving behind a distinct trough north of Puerto Rico.

Although very slim, there is a chance for this trough to develop into a sub-tropical cyclone in the next day or so. It is surrounded by dry mid-upper level air, but it is tucked underneath an upper level low and so is relatively safe from high wind shear for now. This set up is characteristic of these precursor sub-tropical systems. This system has a lot going against its development, but is interesting enough to keep an eye on. This should serve as a reminder that the 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season is just around the corner and early preparation should commence soon.

For now, this feature is nearly stationary. But in the next day or so, it should begin a slow westward to northwestward drift – a track that doesn’t threaten any land areas in the near future.


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