Tropical Storm Andrea forms in the Gulf of Mexico

NOAA's GOES imagery of the Northwest Atlantic June 5th 2013
NOAA’s GOES imagery of the NW Atlantic June 5th 2013. Newly formed Tropical Storm Andrea sits in the Gulf of Mexico


Hurricane Hunter aircraft investigating a large area of disturbed weather associated with a tropical low in the Gulf of Mexico have determined that it has organized and strengthened enough to be called a Tropical Storm (with 40mph winds) and get the name Andrea. Currently, Andrea is headed towards a Thursday night Florida landfall and is expected to be primarily a heavy rain threat. That being said, a storm surge of 2-4feet and isolated tornadoes are also expected in association with Andrea. Tropical storm warnings are in effect for parts of the Florida Gulf Coast. The precursor disturbance has already produced torrential rains in Florida, Mexico and Cuba and similar conditions are expected along and to the right of the storm’s future track.

Once it crosses the Florida peninsula, Andrea is expected to head northeastwards along the Southeast United States coast, where tropical storm watches are in effect. As it does this, conditions will be right for the storm to transition into a Post-Tropical cyclone – take on more frontal characteristics. It should then head out to sea. For more information about Tropical Storm Andrea see the National Hurricane Center’s page, to see local weather forecasts and information; see the Bermuda Weather Service’s page.

The National Hurricane Center does not expect significant strengthening in this storm’s short lifespan. Additionally, all indications point to Andrea not threatening Bermuda as a Tropical Cyclone. However showers are still possible tonight courtesy of a stalled front to our near northwest – a weak low is developing along this front, potentially enhancing shower activity in the area or shifting the location of the front closer to the island – be prepared for the potential for some showery rain tonight.


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