Andrea goes Post-tropical; Threats spread northeastwards

Bermuda with fair skies as seen by AQUA MODIS imagery on June 7th 2013.
Bermuda with fair skies as seen by AQUA MODIS imagery on June 7th 2013. Heat of the day is allowing for clouds to form just north of the islands.

Weather in Bermuda is fine, fair, and warm and the forecast for the next few days sees little change. The Bermuda-Azores high is firmly in place and is steering major precipitation makers around and clear of the island. The only very slight chance for precipitation comes in the form of widely isolated showers in the warm moist air coming from the south around the Bermuda-Azores high due to small scale, fairly unpredictable convergence. No impacts from Post-tropical storm Andrea are expected. Keep up to date for the latest observations, forecasts, and warnings from the Bermuda Weather Service.

Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Andrea has moved inland crossing through Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina and is now passing into Virginia as it transforms into a Post-tropical Cyclone. It doesn’t have frontal boundaries and so isn’t quite an Extra-tropical storm, but the showers and thunderstorms are being created by processes that strengthen Extra-tropical Cyclones rather than tropical ones so the National Hurricane Center has reclassified it as a Post-tropical Cyclone. However, that changes little in terms of Andrea’s impacts. 

Still expect heavy rains along Andrea’s path to lead to localized flash flooding. Strong, gusty winds could approach tropical storm force, especially in coastal/near coastal areas. A small tornado threat continues from the tide waters of Virginia up through New Jersey but it is not what it was in Florida where the Storm Prediction Center logged about a dozen tornado reports. There is potential for some storm surge but it is generally expected to be less than a foot in areas of onshore winds. Heed advisories, watches, and warnings issued by local National Weather Service Forecast Offices. Stay tuned to the tropics by following the National Hurricane Center’s page.


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