Weekend Weather

Front approaching Bermuda from the west is expected to interact with a trough near the Bahamas to bring inclement/squally weather to Bermuda for Saturday.
Bermuda Weather Service Analysis of the local synoptic features shows a cold front approaching Bermuda from the west. It is expected to interact with a trough near the Bahamas and bring inclement/squally weather to Bermuda for Saturday. Much more pleasant weather expected for Sunday.

The Bermuda-Azores high is expected to be pushed back towards the east, allowing a cold front to enter the Bermuda area. This cold front is expected to bring inclement weather to Bermuda this weekend. Some showers and thunderstorms are likely as the unseasonably late cold front blows through from the west. A tropical wave being pulled northward out of the Bahamas is expected to interact with this front, enhancing convergence along and ahead of its southernmost portions allowing tropical moisture and some showers to extend far out ahead of this front, reaching into the Bermuda area well before the front crosses the island sometime on Saturday.

Conditions may be right for some of these showers and thunderstorms to be squally to severe with gusts reaching over 40kts possible. Over 500 severe weather reports were logged by the United States’ Storm Prediction Center as this same front crossed through the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic States. These resulted in downed trees and power outages there – similar squally weather is possible in Bermuda tomorrow. If anything, expect some heavy downpours and gusty winds with a chance for thunder and lightning that may make outdoor events hazardous if not dangerous.

On Sunday, however, Bermuda should be behind the front and more settled weather is expected as high pressure quickly builds in. Much less humid air and a much diminished chance for showers is in store for Sunday as winds with a strong northerly component take over. It may stay cloudy as the cooler Canadian air flows over the warmer Atlantic waters, but these clouds will likely be too shallow for precipitation, making for a decent Father’s day.

Stay tuned to the Bermuda Weather Service for the latest forecast, observations and advisory products.


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