Mid-June front

A weakened Bermuda-Azores high shifted its focus back towards the Azores and the Eastern Atlantic. This allowed a weak front, enhanced by tropical moisture that came northeastwards from the Bahamas, to pass through the Bermuda area. It brought some very heavy rain beginning in the early morning hours of Saturday. Island observations indicate that around 1.5″ fell all in the first half of the day.

Bermuda Weather Service Radar image of thunderstorms associated with an unusual mid-June front.
Bermuda Weather Service Radar image of thunderstorms associated with an unusual mid-June front.

As the first round of thunderstorms crossed the island around 3am, there was little fanfare in terms of squally or severe weather. But the band of thunderstorms did dump very heavy rain in a short period. This was not the passage of the cold front and more active weather was still to come.

Light to moderate rain fell steadily through the morning behind that band of thunderstorms. As the front approached, the rain continued and winds increased near gale force from the southwest. The light rain and overcast skies likely kept the lower atmosphere a little more stable keeping the showers associated with the actual front from being more intense. But as they crossed the island, winds did indeed pick up further, briefly reaching gale force with a gust to 51mph reported at the airport.

Behind the front, the rain quickly ended but the mostly cloudy skies took a a little longer to clear away as winds shifted gradually to the northwest. A few showers threatened as cooler air and convergence behind the front moved over the area, but they remained isolated leaving very pleasant, warm but less humid weather for the weekend. Fair weather is expected for at least the next five days as the Bermuda-Azores high reasserts its authority over the Western Atlantic. However, past there another front may approach and we will keep an eye on that for the next chance for inclement weather.


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