Unsettled Weekend

My analysis of the NW Atlantic this evening. Cold front marked with a blue line with flags, and the pre-frontal trough as a red dashed line near Bermuda.

Another cold front is approaching Bermuda this weekend bringing showers and thunderstorms to the island. A pre-frontal trough is currently bringing a batch of showers into the area, while the actual frontal boundary remains to the west and northwest. This cold front is expected to continue pushing towards the east and should bring further showers and thunderstorms into Sunday. In and around these thunderstorms, expect heavy downpours and winds may turn strong and gusty at times. 

Although this event comes on a weekend, I’m sure it will bring welcome rains and a reprieve from the typical summer heat with high temperatures a bit above climatology the last few days. Additionally, although this August has so far been very unsettled and wet – the year is still around 3″ below climatology for precipitation. Again stay tuned to the Bermuda Weather Service for the latest weather information. Additionally, although the tropics are inactive for now, the climatological peak of hurricane season is September 11th, and the Atlantic can become active very quickly. Please check the National Hurricane Center‘s webpage frequently for official updates on tropical cyclones.


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