Settled Period

A series of low pressure centers formed along a frontal boundary that stalled near Bermuda, each brought a lot of rain to the island leading to some isolated flooding. The fronts have since cleared far to the east of the island and a slow moving ridge of high pressure has built in. Very light northerly winds the last few days have kept the humidity on the lower side, but  the comfort that normally would bring was negated by clearer skies. Today, the winds have shifted to the southeast and moisture should begin to return to the area as the ridge weakens and is pushed aside by the next frontal system during the first half of next week. Convergence ahead of the front should increase chances of showers on Tuesday next week – marking the start of that event. More details will become available/clearer as the event gets closer.

September 2013 ended with 9.76″ of rain, a departure of 4.62″ above 1981-2010 climatology which is at 5.09″ for the month.  Additionally, 22 days that month saw measurable precipitation, which is much higher than normal. This likely allowed air temperatures to be slightly below climatology for the month; 1981-2010 climatology has mean air temperatures for September at 26.7°C/80.1°F, September 2013 was at 25.8°C/78.4°F.


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