Fall Has Arrived in Bermuda

MODIS TERRA satellite image November 15th 2013, showing Bermuda shrouded in patchy stratocumulus.
MODIS TERRA satellite image centered on Bermuda, November 15th 2013. Bermuda shrouded in patchy stratocumulus.

A strong cold front brought a polar airmass to Bermuda on the 13th. Northwesterly gales immediately followed the front with wind gusts as high as 40kts (46mph) at the airport.  Winds then shifted through north into northeast and scattered post-frontal showers evolved into a stratocumulus deck that has stuck around into today. Low temperatures have been near 16°C or 60°F [61.2°F on the 13th, and 60.3°F on the 14th] which is about 6°F/4°C below average and is very close to record lows for this time of year which are in the upper 50s. In addition to that, high temperatures struggled and likely failed to reach 70°F again today, while average high temperatures are near 74°F/23.3°C. It is fair to say current temperatures in Bermuda are winter-like as the average high temperatures in January are in the upper 60s.

High pressure centered to the near northwest of Bermuda is shifting further eastwards and weakening, but its influence should continue to settle weather with mostly cloudy skies likely turning partly cloudy for the weekend. Dry, but cooler than normal weather should be in place for the weekend. A warming trend should begin as the high pressure center shifts to the east of Bermuda and winds shift around to the southeast. This should begin a return flow that increases both temperatures and humidity for the start of the work week.


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