Settled weather for now


Sunday’s cold front has quickly moved off to the east of Bermuda and has weakened considerably. High pressure has since built in behind the front and is now to the near north of Bermuda is bringing relatively settled weather for Bermuda this time of year. Near average temperatures, light winds and periods of sun and cloud. However as the high pressure to our north slides eastward expect light winds to settle out of the southeast of Tuesday. This should begin increasing humidity and temperatures.

Wednesday sees cloudiness increase later in the day, winds shift more southerly and increase to moderate. Isolated showers are possible overnight and into Thursday as winds continue to increase to strong from the south as the cold front approaches. The front should pass in the evening or overnight hours on Thursday.

Meanwhile, a feature of interest is a low pressure centered far to the east of Bermuda in the central Atlantic. It has a slim chance of becoming sub-tropical as it spins around 25N over fairly warm waters. It would be very unusual to see a sub-tropical cyclone form in the Atlantic in January, but other than being an item of interest, the low should drift westwards, weakening on the way, as it tries to transition to a sub-tropical cyclone. This system doesn’t appear to be an immediate threat to Bermuda, or any land areas in the next three days.


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