Cool airmass in place

AQUA MODIS of the Western Atlantic showing the scattered cloud over Bermuda on Friday. This is likely cold air advection induced shower activity on northwesterly winds.
AQUA MODIS of the Western Atlantic showing the scattered cloud over Bermuda on Friday. This is likely cold air advection induced shower/cumulus activity in the vicinity of Bermuda. This evolved into a stratocumulus regime near Bermuda for Saturday.

A strong cold front that passed Thursday night made for a windy, showery, and chilly Friday and Saturday for Bermuda. High temperatures were in the low to mid 60s°F and low temperatures in the mid 50s°F, that in addition to near gale force winds accompanied by isolated to scattered light showers kept it cool all day Friday. While no record low temperatures were threatened by this cold air intrusion, temperatures were 5 to 10°F below normal. This most recent outbreak of cold air in Bermuda is one of few this cool season and is some of the coldest air so far.

Cold high pressure was overhead today and allowed winds to become much lighter. Despite the lighter winds, and decrease in shower activity, stratocumulus overcast kept temperatures under the cold high pressure kept temperatures much lower than normal again. As this high pressure slides off to the east, winds should veer to a more southerly direction tonight and increase through Sunday as a cold front approaches from the northwest. The approaching cold front stalls to the north of Bermuda Sunday night, maintaining strong southerly winds. We remain in this southerly flow regime into the start of the work week as a stationary front remains draped to the north of Bermuda, extending southwestwards towards Florida.

Warmer and more humid air moves in quickly with the southerly flow and temperatures should return to near or above normal levels by Monday. Low pressure forms along the stationary front Monday over the Gulf Stream near Florida. This area of low pressure slowly moves east-northeastwards on Tuesday threatening inclement weather Tuesday night into Wednesday. The forecast should be monitored for potentially significant weather event on Tuesday night, through Wednesday and into Thursday with heavy rains that could lead to flooding, squally thunderstorms, and or gales. See the latest official forecast and advisory products by the Bermuda Weather Service.


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