Category Two Hurricane Arthur Makes Landfall in North Carolina

Hurricane Arthur landfall radar wunderground
Hurricane Arthur Radar from Wunderground at 11pm EST – just before Arthur made landfall in North Carolina.

Hurricane Arthur continued to strengthen up to landfall at about 11:15pm EST in North Carolina between Beaufort and Cape Lookout with 100mph max sustained winds and a minimum central pressure of 976mb. Tropical Storm conditions occurred in much of the warned area and gusts approached hurricane force on Cape Fear as the weaker western eye-wall brushed the coast there. Gusts over 100mph were reported along and to the east of Arthur’s track, mainly in the Outer Banks.

Storm surge has been measured over 4ft in sound-side locations in the Outer Banks, and is slowly beginning to recede as Arthur is now moving away from North Carolina to the Northeast at 23mph. This resulted in some flooding. There were two reports of a tornado in North Carolina yesterday from the outer bands of Arthur moved ashore.

Hurricane Arthur Goesbox 1214z
Hurricane Arthur northeast of the Outer Banks as a Category Two hurricane. Upper outflow channels indicated by blue arrows. Note one extends from the storm to the northeast – poleward. This channel developed last night helping Arthur strengthen.

Last night’s strengthening was in part due to Arthur’s interaction with the upper trough that began to turn the storm northeastward. This opened an upper level outflow channel poleward of the storm, in addition to the existing channel equatorward of the the storm.  This increased upper outflow helped Arthur strengthen despite moving away from the Gulf Stream’s warm waters and over shallower shelf waters, and beginning to interact with land.

Arthur is spreading rain and showers along the coast from North Carolina and Virginia, northward now reaching southern New Jersey. Today, precipitation and gusty (below-tropical storm force) winds will continue to spread northward along the coast as Arthur moves northeastward. There is a very slight chance for tornadoes along the coast as Arthur’s outer bands move ashore. Hazardous surf and rip currents will also threaten the coast, spreading north with the storm.

Continuing northeastward through tonight, Arthur is expected to then bring tropical storm conditions to the islands of southeast Massachusetts and parts of Cape Cod as the western side of the Hurricane brushes by – Tropical Storm Warnings are in effect there. Further, Tropical Storm Watches are in effect for much of Maritime Canada for Saturday as Arthur is expected to blow through that region as a transitioning post- or extra-tropical storm. Tropical storm (gale) conditions are likely in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia (where Arthur may make a landfall), and Prince Edward’s Island with a slight chance for hurricane conditions.

Arthur is expected to remain several hundred miles away from Bermuda, but this weekend could see increased shower activity with a chance for thunder as Arthur’s post- or extra-tropical remnants drag a cold front nearby.

For the latest official updates see the National Hurricane Center. For more local information, see the National Weather Service. For official Bermuda related information, see the Bermuda Weather Service.


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