Stationary Front brings tank rain

Aug 10 14 1645UTC A
RGB Satellite imagery shows the convective activity along the stationary front near Bermuda this afternoon.

Hurricane Bertha merged with a stationary front along the east coast of the United States. As Bertha became extra-tropical in this merger, it passed to the north of Bermuda and a second area of low pressure formed to the south of Bertha. The extra-tropical remnants of Bertha and the secondary low pressure dragged the stationary front toward Bermuda as a cold front. This brought isolated breezy weather on Wednesday with isolated showers overnight. Heavy rains with thunder then moved in on Thursday. The cold front then stalled near Bermuda as both Bertha and the secondary low moved into the central north Atlantic. With the stationary front nearby isolated showers also remained in the area from Thursday night through Friday. They became more scattered on Saturday as an upper level disturbance approached from the west and the stationary front became more active. The same upper level disturbance pulled the boundary northwards enough for heavy showers to become widespread near Bermuda on this morning. Rain associated with the complex of heavy showers and thunderstorms to the near south of Bermuda has persisted into the early afternoon today (Sunday).

Bermuda Weather Service Radar image at 1:13pm this afternoon showing widespread steady rain over Bermuda with heavy showers and thunderstorms to the south and east of the island.
Bermuda Weather Service Radar image at 1:13pm this afternoon showing widespread steady rain over Bermuda with heavy showers and thunderstorms mainly to the south of the island.

Rain cooled air so far today has kept Bermuda in the low to mid 70s all day – very unusual as record lows are typically between 68F and 72F this time of year. This rain comes as Bermuda had been recovering from a dry start to Summer with below normal precipitation from early June into early July, with May typically being fairly dry. Some unofficial rainfall totals between Wednesday and Saturday are below. These are from personal weather stations found at Wunderground. An additional 1.00-2.50″ fell today with isolated amounts nearing 3.00″.

Location Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Moore’s Lane, Pembroke 0.04″ 1.47″ 0.00″ 0.24″
Trimmingham Hill, Paget 0.02″ 2.52″ N/A N/A
Chaingate Hill, Devonshire 0.01″ 1.44″ 0.00″ 0.31″
Gilbert Hill, Smith’s 0.01″ 1.47″ 0.00″ 0.49″
Knapton Hill, Smith’s 0.02″ 1.72″ 0.00″ 0.51″

This stationary front remains nearby into Monday, but a wave of low pressure moving off the US east coast will pull the boundary northward across Bermuda with showers and potential for thunder Monday into Tuesday. Winds will also increase moderate to strong at times as this area of low pressure approaches and moves by Monday through Wednesday. Winds should begin easterly on Monday, then veer more southerly and southwesterly by Tuesday and Tuesday night as the boundary moves to the north of Bermuda.

For the latest official forecast for Bermuda see the Bermuda Weather Service.


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