Cristobal Passes

Hurricane Cristobal wind field-track-warnings
Cristobal’s area of tropical storm force winds largely misses Bermuda to the north as the storm passes about 285miles to the NW of the island.

At 6am local time, Hurricane Cristobal was about 285miles to the northwest of Bermuda according to the National Hurricane Center. As of 9am local time, Cristobal had 75mph 1-minute sustained winds and a minimum central pressure near 985mb. Cristobal continued moving northeastward and is now over 300miles away from Bermuda. Gusts to tropical storm force(39-63mph) have been observed in Bermuda this morning, and gusts near 50mph are still possible if any isolated showers associated with Cristobal affect the island or marine area. That being said, Cristobal is looking less like a rain and wind event as it is passing further away than initially expected.  There is still a small chance for tropical storm conditions to develop over the norther marine area and so a Tropical Storm Watch remains in effect for Bermuda.

Today, Cristobal continues moving northeastward and begins to transition into an extra-tropical storm over the central north  Atlantic. Some slight strengthening is possible as it begins this process. Strong winds today in Bermuda subside tonight as Cristobal heads out to sea away from Bermuda. Seas also begin to subside tonight, falling below 9ft outside the reef by Friday morning. (See: National Hurricane Center|Bermuda Weather Service)



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