Cristobal Becomes Post-Tropical

North Atlantic Unenhanced IR4 Aug 29 2115UTC_A
UPDATE: (to include graphic.) Now Post-Tropical Cyclone Cristobal is marked by a red circle, a trough related to Cristobal’s circulation is marked by a red dashed line. On this un-enhanced infrared satellite image taken 6:15pm local time.

Cristobal has raced into the central North Atlantic, now several hundred miles east of Newfoundland. Cristobal’s inner core structure became sheared to the north of the center, the circulation began pulling in cooler Canadian air, and a trough developed extending from Cristobal into the western Atlantic. These factors indicate that Cristobal made the transition from a Tropical Cyclone to a Post-Tropical Cyclone as of the 11am eastern advisory today. Despite no longer being tropical, non-tropical processes are likely going to allow some strengthening of Cristobal as it merges with an existing low south of Greenland. Hurricane force winds are still occurring in association with ex-Cristobal and should continue over the North Atlantic, Gales likely affecting Iceland and Greenland where several feet of snow is also possible.

Peak winds at the airport reached 30kts with a gust to 39kts. Similar winds were also observed at Esso Pier (run by the National Data Buoy Center) at Ferry Reach. Only 0.02″ of rain was observed at the Bermuda Weather Service. The trough extending from ex-Cristobal may bring some slow moving isolated showers to Bermuda tonight and tomorrow. (See: National Hurricane Center|Bermuda Weather Service)


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