Edouard Becomes a Major Hurricane

201409161715UTC RGB Edouard
Bermuda can be seen on the left hand side of this RGB enhanced satellite image of Hurricane Edouard this afternoon.

Hurricane Edouard steadily strengthened over the last few days from a category one hurricane into a category three hurricane with 115mph maximum 1-minute sustained winds as of the 12pm Bermuda time advisory from the National Hurricane Center. Hurricanes in category three or higher are considered major hurricanes and Edouard is the first major hurricane in the Atlantic this year and since Hurricane Sandy briefly became a major hurricane before making landfall in Cuba on October 25th 2012.

Edouard was about 420miles east to east-southeast of Bermuda when it became a major hurricane and the storm is moving northward, passing by Bermuda. Swells from Edouard are reaching Bermuda warranting a small craft warning. High cirrus clouds streaming from Edouard are moving across Bermuda from southeast to northwest. Further, isolated showers associated with a nearby front are passing by the island from west to east. No further adverse weather from Edouard are expected in Bermuda.

Edouard is then expected to continue northward today and then begin to recurve to the northeast tomorrow. As Edouard does this, it moves into strong westerlies aloft and cooler sea surface temperatures, this begins a weakening trend and a transition into a post-tropical cyclone.


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