Full Force of Fay Felt in Bermuda

Tropical Storm Fay at 7:13am this morning as seen on Bermuda Weather Service Radar as winds quickly escalated.
Tropical Storm Fay at 7:13am this morning as seen on Bermuda Weather Service Radar as winds quickly escalated. Fay was roughly 25miles northeast of Bermuda at this time.

Tropical Storm Fay passed very near or over the eastern end of Bermuda this morning around 5:30am local time when pressures fell to 986mb at the airport and 30-35kt (Tropical Storm force) easterly winds went nearly calm. Winds then backed sharply through to the northwest and gradually ramped up across the island. Unofficial reports around the island indicate widespread hurricane force gusts (gusts over 64kts) with near hurricane conditions (1-minute sustained winds over 64kts) in elevated and exposed areas to northwest winds. These violent winds largely resulted in tree damage and widespread power outages.

As has been the case all along with Fay, the deepest convection was weighted to the west side of the center of the storm and as that pulled across the island early this morning, it brought Fay’s strongest winds and heaviest rains. So far, official peak winds reached 61mph with gusts to 82mph. Unofficial reports this morning indicate gusts over 100mph (>85kts) occurred in elevated areas with northerly through westerly exposure. Further unofficial reports also suggest isolated areas of hurricane conditions in similar locations so Fay might have been a hurricane as it crossed the island – a serious post-storm review is needed to confirm that intensity. Fay continues to move quickly off to the north-northeast and should begin transitioning into a post-tropical cyclone tonight before being absorbed into a larger storm system over the northern Atlantic.

As Fay moves away, expect tropical storm conditions to begin to subside this morning along with scattered light showers. Conditions then quickly improve this afternoon and evening as Fay accelerates away and high pressure builds in from the northwest. For the latest official information see: Bermuda Weather Service | National Hurricane Center.

UPDATE: Some additional information on power and service interruptions, damage, and pictures can be found at Bernews.


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