Low to Bring Wet Weekend Weather

Vis 201410241949GMT Analysis
Wunderground’s Wundermap visualization for the visible satellite image, annotated to show approximate location of two low pressure centers, one south of Nova Scotia that brought a cold front and rain to Bermuda yesterday, and one in the northern Bahamas set to bring some rain to the island Saturday night into Sunday morning. The blue and red lines are cold and warm fronts respectively.

Tropical Depression 9 formed in the Bay of Campeche earlier this week, and quickly dissipated as it moved eastward and inland over the Yucatan Peninsula. Moisture from the remnants of this depression and a non-tropical low forming in the northern Bahamas are interacting and set to head toward Bermuda for the weekend.

The non-tropical (frontal) low is set to pass to the south of Bermuda Saturday night bringing rain and showers, possibly with thunder in the southern marine area. Winds are expected to be easterly, backing northerly and moderate to strong (15-25kts) during this event. Stronger winds are also possible closer to the low in the southern marine area. This is not a named tropical storm nor is it a powerful non-tropical low, significant winds are therefore not expected. A small craft warning is in effect for Bermuda because of the strong winds. See the latest official forecasts from the Bermuda Weather Service.


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