Boxing Day front

12z ECMWF 20141224 boxing day front
12z December 24th ECMWF model depiction of cold front near Bermuda at 2am December 26th local time. Cold front indicated by the blue flagged line. White streamlines and shaded isotachs. Image generated in Wundermaps.


Light to moderate southerly winds draw warm humid air into the Bermuda area for Christmas eve and day. This is allowing for mainly fair weather with high temperatures in the 75-80°F range – much above normal which is near 70°F this time of year. This southerly flow ends on late Christmas night/very early Friday morning as a cold front blows through. Showers ahead of and along the front will lead to downpours associated with gusty winds late Christmas night. Isolated wind gusts could near gale force. Winds then gradually die off through Friday behind the front. Winds also shift to the northwest ushering in cooler drier air for Friday afternoon. A small craft advisory is in effect for Thursday (Christmas) evening and Friday for the higher winds.

As always, find the latest official forecast and current watches/warnings at the Bermuda Weather Service.


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