Notable Cold Front Passage

Satellite loop of Arctic front crossing the Western Atlantic and stalling to the east of Bermuda 8 January 2015. The cold air following this front was significantly modified by the warm Atlantic waters between Bermuda and the US East Coast. Loop generated with Plymouth State Weather Website.

A powerful cold front, ushering in an arctic airmass across much of North America swept westward into the western Atlantic giving Bermuda a taste of that air. Passing between 7:00am and 7:30am, the front immediately dropped temperatures from near 70°F to near 65°F, cold dry arctic air (moderated significantly by the warm waters of the western Atlantic) then filtered in throughout the day intermingled with isolated to scattered light showers. Bottoming out around 55°F in late afternoon, the cold air flowing in behind the front was coming in faster than the sun could warm it through thick cloud cover.

While not a record, yesterday’s low of 55.4°F (record: 49.6°F in 2003) and this morning’s 53.4°F (record: 53.0°F in 1950) were the lowest temperatures measured at the airport since the 52.5°F on 29 March 2013, almost two years ago! The unusual chill was accompanied by strong winds with gale force gusts peaking at 38kts (44mph) at the airport.

FROPA 20150108_A
Temperature (°F) and Dew Point trace (°F) above normal temperatures the day before and the morning of the frontal passage ranging from 70-75°F. Following the front, temperatures crash into the mid-50°F range. Similarly, steady dew points ahead of the front plummet into the low 40s as much drier air blew in behind the front. The point of frontal passage is noted on the graph.


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