Weekend Gales

GOES-East RGB image 1745UTC Jan 22nd 2015_Analysis
GOES East unenhanced satellite imagery with surface features and 300mb streamline segments at 1:45pm local time. Red ‘L’ for surface low pressure centers, blue ‘H’ for surface high pressure centers, red surface warm fronts, blue surface cold fronts, cyan 300mb streamlines. 

A weak cold front approaching the island this afternoon is expected to bring some isolated showers this evening and a wind shift from the west to the northwest. The front then continues south of the island through the weekend allowing a drying northwesterly breeze for Friday. A transient cell of high pressure passes to the north of Bermuda with today’s front well to the south of the island. As the high pressure passes, light to moderate winds veer northeast through east and southeast on Saturday.

By Saturday afternoon, today’s front approaches the area from the south as a warm front bringing the potential for mainly light showers or patchy rain. As the warm front passes Saturday evening, warm humid air is ushered in on southerly and southwesterly winds that quickly increase to near gale or gale force. A new cold front associated with the low currently over Texas, approaching from the west, then passes in the pre-dawn hours on Sunday potentially with squally showers or thunderstorms with storm force gusts that may exceed severe levels (>50kts).

As Sunday morning’s front passes, winds decrease from gale force to strong (near gale force at times) and sharply shift to the west-northwest. These winds continue through Sunday bringing cooler less humid weather for the second half of the weekend.


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