Gales to start next week

Visible Satellite imagery this morning showing a cold front crossing Bermuda (top row, 4 boxes from left)
Bermuda Weather Service Radar Imagery this morning at 9:43am local time as the cold front passed. A line of moderate showers can be seen over the island here.

After a brief bought of near gale-gale force winds Wednesday night into  Thursday morning with peak gusts 50-60mph around the island and this morning’s cold front with brief moderate showers and gusty winds, a more significant and prolonged winter low is in the forecast.

This winter low, moves southeastward out of Ontario, through New York and Pennsylvania before redeveloping south of New England. Here, it undergoes a period of rapid intensification. As it rapidly intensifies just south of New England, it increases southwesterly winds quickly on Sunday morning in Bermuda and these winds reach gale force (30-40kts/35-45mph). The low continues rapidly intensifying as it moves northeastward, toward the Canadian Maritime region, and pushes a cold front across Bermuda late Sunday morning or early Sunday afternoon. The cold front could be associated with squally showers with a slight chance for thunder. Severe wind gusts are possible in the squallier showers around the front (gusts 50-60kts/60-70mph). Gale force southwesterly winds suddenly veer west-northwesterly along the front, continuing at gale force.

Near gale force or gale force winds continue from the WNW/NW Sunday afternoon through Monday evening. Post-frontal, ocean-effect showers develop Sunday afternoon as cold air blows in behind the front. These showers may turn heavy at times, particularly Sunday night into Monday morning with a slight chance for hail and locally increased winds with gusts over storm force. Near record cold is expected Sunday night through Monday with temperatures bottoming out in the low 50s and struggling to reach a high just over 60ºF on Monday.

Date Record Low Max Temp Record Low Min Temp
Feb 15th (Sunday) 59.0ºF (1958) 49.2ºF (1999)
Feb 16th (Monday) 59.5ºF (2011) 51.3ºF (2010)

A Gale Warning is likely to be issued for Sunday as this wind event approaches. Follow the Bermuda Weather Service’s official forecasts and weather warning information.


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