March ends Dry

With several notable cold snaps and warm spells, March temperatures balanced out to be near normal. However, lengthy dry spells in between meager rain events led to a much drier than normal month. The Bermuda Weather Service measured 2.87″ of rain for the month, with mean monthly temperature of 64.8F. The period of record (POR*: 1949-2014) normal March rainfall is 4.31″ with a median of 4.20″; the 1981-2010 climate period normal March rainfall is 4.69″. The period of record normal mean March temperature is 64.3F, and the climate normal mean March temperature is 64.8F.

April and May are typically the two driest months for Bermuda with POR normal (and median) precipitation of 3.48″ (2.87″) and 3.44″ (3.03″) respectively. The spring transition from wintertime frontal rains to summertime rains from tropical/easterly waves often features extended dry periods where dry Canadian high pressure settles over the Western Atlantic. February’s more than 9″ of rain was roughly two months worth of precipitation and should somewhat make up for the less than normal March rains, and we are indeed still running more than 1.50″ above normal year-to-date precipitation. Remember to conserve water!

* POR has missing data between 1968-1970 for March.


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