Strong Morning Storms

Infrared Satellite imagery showing a band of clouds associated with thunderstorms oriented northeast to southwest across Bermuda at 5:45am (local) Friday April 24th 2015. Shortly after this time, the thunderstorms brought gale force gusts to the airport.

Early Friday morning, strong thunderstorms brought gusty winds to the island along with heavy downpours. Winds gusted as high as 45 kts at the airport, and unofficial wind gusts over gale force were widespread around the island as these thunderstorms crossed the island.

The morning storms were associated with a cold front. Friday evening saw the passage of a post-frontal trough with more showers – however, these showers were largely just in the vicinity and not as intense as the morning’s thunderstorms. Following the post-frontal trough strong northwesterly winds came in with gusts over gale force keeping cool weather in place for the first part of the weekend. The high temperature on Saturday only reached 66.9F at the airport, compared to a normal high near 72F, similarly the low got to 62.2F compared to a normal low near 64F.

A trough associated with an area of unsettled weather to the north of the island produced some heavy showers in the area for Sunday, but could keep showers in the area through Tuesday. Expect winds to generally be strong and southwesterly through northwesterly through Tuesday.

PWS Meteogram for April 24th TS
Trace of Temperature, Dew Point and RH (Top), Wind Speed, Wind Gust, and Wind Direction (2nd from Top), Temperature, Inside Temperature, Heat Index, Wind Chill (2nd from Bottom), Pressure, rainfall, and rain rate (Bottom). Around 5:45am winds jump from ~5mph to ~ 25mph with gusts as high as 37mph, temperature falls from ~70F to ~62F, and rain rate spikes to over 5 inches/hr, if only briefly.

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