A Weak Cold Front Passage

RGB Satellite image at 10:15am local time showing the cloudiness over Bermuda associated with this morning’s front.

A weak cold front passed between 8:30 and 9am this morning bringing isolated showers followed by patchy rain and drizzle. Westerly winds veered sharply to the north following the passage of the front. Expect slightly cooler and less humid weather over the next few days with persistent north-northeasterly flow.

North to north-northeasterly winds continue this afternoon and strengthen overnight, becoming moderate, as a low develops along the front far to the northeast of the island, and a trough rotates around it, increasing the pressure gradient and, in turn, winds for Friday. As this low slowly drifts away to the northeast and high pressure builds in from the west, this moderate north-northeasterly flow is maintained through Saturday. By Sunday morning, high pressure will have moved in with light northerly winds. However, winds start backing westerly ahead of another weak frontal system, and increase again, moderate to strong, by Sunday night. This next system could bring showers and rain for Monday evening.

For the official forecast and weather information for Bermuda see the Bermuda Weather Service.


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