Tropical Storm Claudette Forms

Tropical Storm Claudette ASCAT
This morning’s ASCAT satellite pass shows a well defined circulation with an area of winds near ~45kts associated with a low about 345 nm to the northwest of Bermuda.

The National Hurricane Center has determined that the non-tropical low to the northwest of Bermuda has become a tropical storm. On Saturday night, the non-tropical low moved off the coast of Virginia and North Carolina. It then quickly lost its connection to the dissipating front that extended eastwards to Bermuda and westwards into the Ohio Valley. Over the warm Gulf Stream waters, the low developed a well defined, closed surface circulation with deep and persistent convection near the center while losing its frontal characteristics – meeting the criteria to be designated as a tropical cyclone.

Deep layered southwesterly and west-southwesterly flow along the east coast of North America between the Bermuda-Azores High over the Atlantic and a trough over the continent is expected to steer the storm generally northeastward. This will take Claudette toward the Canadian Maritime Provinces, possibly impacting eastern Nova Scotia and Newfoundland after becoming post-tropical over cooler waters and higher wind shear north of the Gulf Stream. The remnants of Claudette then turn back toward the north then northwest as it gets absorbed into an extratropical low over Quebec.

Claudette is not expected to bring high winds, surf, or even rain to Bermuda during its lifetime. For the latest official forecast on Claudette, see the National Hurricane Center.


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