Other PWS

There are quite a few personal weather stations in Bermuda that broadcast online. Particularly during daytime, some of these stations record temperatures that are likely too high. Regardless, these should all be considered unofficial. The official observations for Bermuda can be found at the Bermuda Weather Service, and are archived on their Climate page. Here is a list of PWS and other weather stations in Bermuda as of 26 July 2015:

Name Site Notes
Chaingate Hill, Devonshire Wunderground Temp/RH/Wind/Press/Precip
Moore’s Lane, Pembroke Davis WeatherLink Temp/RH/Wind/Press/Precip
Strathmore, Paget Davis WeatherLink Temp/RH/Wind/Press/Precip
Cedarvale South VP9NI, Devonshire Davis WeatherLink Temp/RH/Wind/Press/Precip
Devon Heights/Elnoc, Devonshire Wunderground/Davis WeatherLink Temp/RH/Wind/Press
Nine Man Cave, Smith’s Davis WeatherLink Temp/RH/Wind/Press/Precip
Gilbert Hill, Smith’s Wunderground/Davis WeatherLink Temp/RH/Wind/Press/Precip
McGall’s Bay/The Aviary, Smith’s Wunderground/Davis WeatherLink Temp/RH/Wind/Press/Precip
Knapton Hill/Vraiment, Smith’s Wunderground/Davis WeatherLink Temp/RH/Wind/Press/Precip
Milton Cottage, Pembroke Davis WeatherLink Temp/RH/Wind/Press/Precip
Port’s Island, Warwick Davis WeatherLink Temp/RH/Wind/Press/Precip
St. David’s, St. George’s (Peter’s PWS) Wunderground/Davis WeatherLink Temp/RH/Wind/Press/Precip
Spanish Point, Pembroke Wunderground Temp/RH/Press
Civil Air Terminal?/Bermuda Esso Pier, St. George’s Wunderground/NDBC/Tides&Currents(NOAA) Temp/Wind/Press/SeaTemp/SeaLevel
Tucker’s Town, Hamilton Wunderground/PWS Weather Temp/RH/Wind/Press/Precip
Magnolia Hall, Hamilton Wunderground Temp/RH/Wind/Press/Precip
Trimmingham Hill, Paget Wunderground Temp/RH/Wind/Press/Precip
Hinson’s Island, Warwick Wunderground/Other Temp/Wind/Press/Precip
Laurel Lane, Sandy’s Wunderground Temp/RH/Press
Heydon Drive, Sandy’s Wunderground Temp/RH/Press
Commissioner’s House Dockyard, Sandy’s WindGuru Temp/Wind
Ocean View, Southampton Wunderground Temp/RH/Wind/Press/Precip
Bermuda Institute, Southampton Weather Bug Temp/Wind/Press
The Mid Ocean Club, Hamilton Weather Bug Temp/RH/Wind/Press
St. David’s Lighthouse (AWOS), St. George’s Other (requires Java) Temp/RH/Wind

This post will be adapted into a page in the future – stay tuned!


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