Hurricane Kate Passes to the Northwest

Hurricane Kate north of Bermuda yesterday morning, at the time Kate was racing away to the east-northeast at 40-45mph.
Hurricane Kate northeast of Bermuda yesterday morning, at the time Kate was racing away to the east-northeast at 40-45mph.

Kate strengthened into a Hurricane and passed about 250miles northwest of Bermuda in the predawn hours of Wednesday morning. A broken band of showers slowly moved across the island during the day along with strong southwesterly winds with gusts to gale force, particularly in higher elevations with exposure to winds from that direction. By sunset, a weak cold front associated with the non-tropical low that steered Kate northeastward crossed the island with another brief period of shower activity. Kate has since transitioned into a post-tropical cyclone and is expected to bring strong and gusty winds and heavy rain to the UK in the next three to four days as a non-tropical cyclone.

Radar imagery showing a band of showers south of Bermuda just after the weak cold front passed at around 5pm. (Radar Link)

Northwesterly winds have now settled in and are strong at times. Less humid and slightly cooler weather has developed in the flow behind the cold front. A brief warm-up on Friday will be followed by another cold front by Friday evening with much cooler and much less humid air. Expect a narrow band of brief showers to blow through Friday evening with winds shifting from southwest to west. Well below normal temperatures settle in for the weekend, again with strong westerly winds veering northwesterly – some post-frontal shower activity could develop as much cooler continental air moves over the still warm waters of the western Atlantic.

Afternoon high temperatures will likely struggle to reach 70F on Sunday following Friday’s front. Northwesterly flow begins to veer to the north then northeast and diminish from strong to moderate by Monday keeping cooler than normal weather in place. High pressure slides in from the west on Monday so, while remaining cool, more settled weather develops.

Follow the Bermuda Weather Service for the latest official forecast information.


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