Active Winter Weather

Infrared Satellite imagery around midnight Sunday into Monday showing significant winter low north of Bermuda. At this time, the low was moving northeastward and an associated cold front was passing Bermuda.

A series of non-tropical low pressure systems tracked across the Gulf of Mexico, across Florida and northeastwards past Bermuda bringing swings between warm and humid weather and cool and blustery weather separated by periods of rain and thunderstorms. The last of these lows passed Monday morning and has since merged into a massive low over the Labrador Sea.

This large scale low has been driving strong to gale force west-northwesterly winds across the Western Atlantic since Monday. A series of troughs embedded in that flow have each brought reinforcing cool weather, widespread showers, and renewed winds to the island. This has led to some of the coldest weather for Bermuda so far this season with a low temperature last night in the mid-50s. A further trough embedded in this persistent flow is expected to bring a final reinforcement of cool weather to Bermuda on Thursday afternoon/evening and a Gale Warning is in effect for winds possibly reaching gale force over exposed and elevated areas as that system passes.

High temperatures are typically near 69ºF while lows are typically near 61ºF this time of year. Yesterday and today are some of a handful of below normal temperatures so far this winter.

A transient ridge of high pressure calms winds on Friday. Winds then reverse, coming out of the east Friday night and increasing as the ridge moves away to the north and northeast. A powerful coastal storm developing in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States then draws a warm front northwards across Bermuda on Saturday morning allowing wet but warmer weather on Saturday before its respective cold front passes Saturday night with renewed cool weather. Strong easterly winds veer to the south on Saturday behind the warm front. Southerly winds slowly veer to the southwest through Saturday and increase to near gale force. The cold front passes Saturday night and southwesterly winds remain near gale force and slowly veer to the west on Sunday.

Follow the Bermuda Weather Service for the latest official forecast and warnings.


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