Quite A Squall

Between 5:15 and 5:30pm on Sunday April 8th, a severe thunderstorm blew across Bermuda. The squall brought heavy rain, severe wind gusts along with thunder and lightning. Gusts greater than 50 kts were observed at Pearl Island (62 kts), the Crescent (58 kts), Bermuda Esso Pier (54 kts), and at the official observing site at the airport where a peak gust of 71 kts was recorded.

The rain and thunderstorms brought 0.56″ (14.2 mm) of rain to the airport.

GRAPH_Pearl Island_2018-04-08-2009-L.png
From top to bottom: 2-minute sustained winds, wind gust, wind direction, air pressure, air temperature, relative humidity, and precipitation total. Around 5:20pm local time, the main squall moved through with peak gust of 62 kts, and a drop in temperature of about 4°C. (Source: Bermuda Weather Service)




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